"Science-based 3-part Anti-Aging Regimen with professional-strength actives of its kind that has never been available in this continent!"

–Lucia Hur, Owner/CEO

Regimen I

Compounded by a leading South Korean cosmetic lab, acclaimed for its anti-aging processing techniques, Derma-Lucia's Regimen I Core Products contain patented neuropeptides and phyto (plant) stem cell blend of 11 active ingredients, currently unavailable in the US market.

Regimen II

These tools help deliver the ingredients deeper into skin. Thus, they help Regimen I work more effectively, speeding up skin regeneration through "wound healing" process and fibroblasts renewal (i.e., proliferating collagen synthesis, elastin production, etc.).

Regimen III

Derma-Lucia's comprehensive suncare duo, when used together, works as a "barrier and sealer" to our skin surface. FDA studies have shown that physical sunscreen provides most protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays... #1 culprit for skin aging!

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Meet the Creator

Derma-Lucia Skinceuticals is the innovation of Lucia Hur, a 28-year formulation expert in research and development. She set out to create a solution for aging skin not only backed by science, but driven by it.

Shattering the marketing conventions of big companies in the business of skin care, Lucia was piloted by a simple, back-to-the-basics question often forgotten in boardrooms: “What are the causes of aging?” With a deep understanding of the biology at the heart the problem, she began a three-year global search to hand-select the ingredients with pure, scientific intent.

The result was something beautiful — a professional-strength skin care regimen with patented anti-aging technology that both prevents and reduces visible signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and skin discoloration.

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