Derma-Lucia Company

About Us

Derma-Lucia marries serious professional-strength ingredients and the world’s most advanced beautifying techniques to deliver extraordinary results to modern women seeking high-performance skin care products.

Located in Austin, Texas, Derma-Lucia carefully calibrates and crafts products with a unique blend of both natural and scientifically proven ingredients designed to offset the two biggest causes of skin aging: inflammation and glycation. Our comprehensive, three-pronged anti-aging regimen gives women all the tools they need to look and feel beautiful.

Contact us via email at to purchase our products! We offer professionals (aestheticians, cosmetologists, and facialists) a big discount for purchase in bulk.  

Our Team

Lucia Hur

Lucia Hur, founder and CEO of Derma-Lucia Skinceuticals, is obsessed with the science of beauty and ingredients that really work. Her fascination with product performance began when she started a global chemical company specializing in industrial cleaning deodorants and perfumed sanitization supplies.

“I realized there was an overwhelming excess of products and information out there that mystified clients, and this complexity extended to the skin care industry,” says Hur, referring to the vast array of beauty products available on the market today.

“I began asking my friends about how they selected beauty and skin care products and what mattered to them most. What I heard was surprising. They were all buying products with the vague hope it would work without any real expectation of success. It dawned on me that there was an overall lack of general awareness about active ingredients, product formulation, application technique, and how that impacts overall effectiveness. When I explained the importance of ingredient purity, molecular size and product stability, they were stunned. These are all smart women yet somehow they weren’t questioning anything.”

It was then that Hur decided to incorporate education into a skin care approach.

One of Hur’s core beliefs is to help customers understand what makes a product work, and how they should use it correctly.

An R&D scientist with a master’s degree in Marine Exploration Geophysics, Hur brings over 25 years’ formulation experience to Derma-Lucia. She is recognized as a conscientious industry formulator with a noted success hallmark attributed to high “Quality and Consistency” standards. Hur oversees the creation of each product from initial concept to finish, selecting only the most proprietary anti-aging ingredients, designed to maintain efficacy and its professional/clinical strength.

In 2010, she launched an exhaustive worldwide search for the most technologically advanced skin care ingredients before settling on Korean skin care manufacturers. “Korean skin care brands are always on the cutting edge of technology, and I only wanted ingredients that were backed by science,” said Hur. She realized there was a need for a systematic approach to the whole process of skin care, so in addition to education, she included dermal-delivery tools to help her product’s active ingredients drive deeper into the dermal layer. She also turned her attention to sun care protection as studies have proven it helps prevent and delay signs of skin aging. This combined focus and research compelled her to develop a complete anti-aging approach: The Derma-Lucia Anti-Aging Regimen, a systemic skin care protocol unlike anything currently available stateside.

“I took everything I know as a scientist, a woman and consumer in developing this regimen,“ says Hur. Her company motto, “Effective Products, Effective Delivery and Effective Suncare” illustrates best what Derma-Lucia is all about. Hur continues, “I always wanted to create an exclusive product line that integrates science and technology with skin care. I’m very proud of what we have accomplished, and hope it makes people not only look good, but feel good, too. When we try our best to look good, we come out as winners!”

Shel Fontaine

Shel Fontaine is responsible for finance operations at Derma-Lucia. For the past 15 years, Shel has earned a reputation for providing practical guidance as an accountant to a myriad of industries including insurance and finance fields. An MBA graduate from Texas State University, Shel has worked as an accountant for several manufacturing companies in Austin.

Previously, Shel worked for Hur Chemical where she learned that she and Lucia shared a common interest in skin care. “At the time, I had serious sun damage from years spent outdoors in my twenties,” says Shel. “Lucia immediately began to explain how I could correct it. She gave me a snapshot view about skin chemistry, active ingredients and what makes an effective product work. I knew Lucia was a formulation chemist, and it occurred to me that she could apply her knowledge to the skin care industry,” continued Shel. “Lucia never compromises on the quality and consistency of her products, and that’s why she is considered a valued industry leader.”

While at Hur Chemical, Shel witnessed Lucia’s dedication and desire to give customers the best experience and products possible. “I know she will invest this same energy and commitment to Derma-Lucia. I’m really thrilled to be a part of the Derma-Lucia team.”

When not test-trialing Derma-Lucia products, Shel spends her time hiking outdoors enjoying nature. An avid photographer, she is creating a dog photo-journal book for her fur-baby Madison.