Ancillary products

In addition to our core products, we’ve carefully formulated these supplemental boosters to more effectively address specific aging skincare concerns such as skin discoloration, dehydration and wrinkles. Following products help and enhance collagen proliferation, production and penetration, cell renewal and cell turn over.

Brightening Pigment Corrector

This unique daily skin brightening formula uses a complex, 7-ingredient mixture of skin lighteners and brighteners. A non-comedogenic, oil-free serum, it corrects uneven skin tones and fights age spots, freckles, and other hyper-pigmentation issues. We recommend applying one to two pumps’ worth of the formula over any dark spots in the morning and again at night before sleep. The formula combines the power of kojic dipalmitate (a fat-soluble kojic acid); niacinamide (better known as vitamin B3); glutathione (a tripeptide and master antioxidant); ferulic acid (a polyphenolic compound derived from cinnamon); azelaic acid (a naturally occurring dicarboxylic acid); phytic acid (an inositol compound derived from rice bran); emblica fruit extract (a naturally occurring compound extracted from gooseberries); and vitamin C (ascorbic acid). This product can be used after a post-peel treatment and in concert with glycolic base products, which help open the epidermis.

Illuminating Vitamin C 20% + E + Ferulic

Our potent super-antioxidant serum works synergistically to build collagen, fight free radical damage, and improve skin pigmentation, elasticity, clarity, texture and firmness. This brightening anti-aging formula combines stabilized L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tocotrienols (vitamin E) and emblica extract (derived from amla fruit) to prevent oxidation and extend delivery to skin throughout the day. It’s ideal for aging and hyperpigmented skin types. We recommend applying two to three drops to moist, clean skin on the face and neck. Best if followed by moisturizer and sunscreen.

Neuropeptide & Peptide Booster Serum

Advanced proprietary neuropeptide complex of bio-active and bio-genic ingredients is cold-processed to preserve and deliver maximum potency and efficacy. Free from fillers, waxes, parabens and oils, this blend targets and reduces appearances of wrinkles, fine lines and signs of skin aging (elasticity loss and skin discoloration). Instantly plumps and smoothes skin. With regular use, it increases collagen production, repairs dermal damage and gives a more youthful appearance. Peptides stimulate skin fibroblasts to rebuild the extra cellular matrix, which is made up of collagen I, collagen IV, fibronectin and GAGS. Collagen and elastins can become denatured or “cross-lined” due to pollution, ultraviolet rays, poor nutrition, chemical insults, and just the normal aging process (glycosylation, or glycation). Denatured proteins can cause the skin to sag, look dull, wrinkle, and thin. Our anti-peptides and neuropeptides act as anti-glycating agents, blocking proteins from attaching to sugars, thus keeping collagen and elastins in their healthy, free form. This anti-glycating effect supports the skin’s natural elasticity and softness and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They can also improve lymphatic circulation to help reduce discoloration under the eyes.

Retinol Accelerator

Our professional-strength retinol (vitamin A) formula helps to repair, thicken and rejuvenate skin. Vitamin A serves in numerous critical biological functions, including restoring cells, maintaining healthy skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and even supporting healthy sebum levels. Our retinol is formulated with a patented cold temperature process to increase efficacy and maximize cell growth and cell turn over. Used daily, it treats signs of aging, such as sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin discoloration. How does it work? Retinol and its esters help to thicken the skin by increasing mitosis activity. After absorption by the skin, the retinol passes into the basal layer, where it helps accelerate healthy cell development and cell division to support overall skin health. Research shows that vitamin A may also directly affect intracellular growth hormone levels and the IGF-binding protein 3, which is necessary for their production. Our Retinol Accelerator formula is an excellent source of antioxidant power.

Hydrating Lifting Serum

This serum contains pure medical-grade hyaluronic acid (HA), fortified with neuro-receptor minerals (M3), copper, zinc and magnesium at their optimum concentrations to support normal skin healing and help reduce the appearance of scars. It also contains tocotrienols for their super-antioxidant power and their ole in hydration and lubrication. Hyaluronic acid (HA) holds more hydration in the skin than any other natural substance. It is a major component of healthy skin’s extra-cellular matrix collagen and elastin. It is also well-documented that newborn skin contains large amounts of HA, and decrease in HA correlates to aging and the appearance of wrinkles. Our grade of HA is used for the augmentation of soft tissues, as well as for lifting and fighting deficiencies in the cutaneous contours of the skin that are a result of the aging process. Derma-Lucia Hydrating Lifting Serum can be used for post-laser treatments, post peels, sunburns, itching, flakiness, redness, scaling, dryness, and hydration, to firm and restore natural and youthful elasticity to the skin. It may be applied to the face and body areas once or twice daily or as needed.

GSL Clarifying Cleanser

This synergistic blend of glycolic, salicylic and lactic blended alpha-beta acids with phospholipids clarifies, brightens and softens skin by gently unclogging pores and exfoliating dead skin cells. Glycolic acid sloughs-off skin’s superficial dead skin cells; salicylic acid dislodges the sebum by penetrating deeply into pores. Lactic acid holds hydration, promotes collagen growth and evens out skin tone. 100% biodegradable cleansing agents and phospholipids help maintain proper pH balance for cleaner, clearer and softer appearance. Our gentle, blended ingredient combinations are selected from only the mildest, organic detergents and are commonly found in baby shampoos due to their safety. Here’s the scientific part: we’ve designed our formula to ensure that the skin’s natural lipid barrier function is untouched and the acid mantle undisturbed by adding additional phospholipids, which mimic the skin’s natural ceramide balance while buffering it to maintain the skin’s original pH balance. We recommend mixing about a quarter size of the formula with water and lathering onto facial skin for about 20 to 30 seconds (while taking care to avoid the eyes).