Anti-Aging Results


"Immediately noticed my skin feeling fuller and plump. This is a noticeable change for me…" 

"The products are wonderful and really make a difference in making my skin so soft and smooth. I have even noticed a change in the tone of my skin, much more even and brighter overall…"

"I love this skincare line and especially the Anti-Wrinkle Serum. It would work for you!"

"I’ve been using Derma-Lucia Double-Nourishing Sealer each morning and evening, and it definitely softened the dry areas and smoothed my skin. I would like to try more products."

"One week after using Dermal-Lucia products I noticed changes in the depth of my wrinkles and under-eye sagginess."

"I have been using Derma-Lucia facial products for about two years and they are amazing.  I noticed a big improvement in my skin within six months.  I experienced wrinkle reduction, smaller pores and an overall evenness of skin tone.  My skin looks terrific and I receive many compliments, even from people I don't know.  There's no doubt that Derma-Lucia products are a win-win for me."

"Have been using Derma-Lucia faithfully according to the recommended method for a month now.  I have noticed recently, my skin is softer and more radiant, wrinkles are finer, it did not happen over night, it happen gradually, I am very excited and I anticipate to see more result in the future."

"I have very sensitive skin and this product feels better than anything else I've tried in a long time!  Also, I love the lift and tightening around the eyes!"