Regimen I: Effective Products

The first step in our program is our comprehensive Anti-Aging Regimen, which wages all-out war on the primary signs of aging. Each part of this plan works synergistically with the others to battle the true culprits behind aging: inflammation and glycation.

The foundation of our complete Anti-Aging Regime, Regimen I includes our rebalancing Super Prep Skin Toner, supercharged Anti-Wrinkle Serum, dual-purpose Restorative Wrinkle & Eye Cream Treatment, hydrating Super Aqua Emulsion and multi-purpose Double Nourishing Sealer.

Each core product in Regimen 1 contains our patented neuropeptide and phyto (plant) stem cell blend of 11 active ingredients that is unique to the skincare market. Each provides professional-strength, esthetician-grade quality and is housed in an airless pump container to preserve product purity and potency. Together, they work to effectively hydrate, restore, and rejuvenate skin.

Crucial Skin Care Fact:

To fully benefit from these professional-strength exclusive blends, it’s important to understand the relationship between Effective Products, Effective Delivery and Effective Sun Protection. The complete Derma-Lucia Anti-Aging Regimen includes the core products of Regimen I, appropriate ancillary products, and Regimens II and III. To learn more about this go to the Regimen under The Derma-Lucia Anti-Aging Regimen on the main page.

Core Products

Super Prep Skin Toner

Our calming, hydrating toner rebalances skin through our proprietary anti-aging complex of neuro-peptides, peptides, phyto (plant) stem cells, and herbal-vitamins. Our toner hydrates skin, sooths, prepares skin for treatment products, and stimulates collagen and fibroblast growth. 

Super Aqua Emulsion

Our super-hydrating, lightweight moisturizer uses our advanced neuro-peptide, peptide and phyto (plant) stem cell formula to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and signs of skin aging. Phyto stem cells transform, soften and renew skin by repairing the outer skin layer, combating dullness and dehydration while boosting overall skin firmness. 

Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Our supercharged anti-wrinkle serum helps fight the visible effects of aging, leaving your skin more youthful in appearance. Our exclusive anti-aging complex relaxes lines and wrinkles by inhibiting expression and plumping skin structure. The serum improves skin elasticity and texture while instantly smoothing skin for a taut, youthful appearance. 

Restorative Wrinkle & Eye Cream Treatment

This concentrated dual-purpose formula sets aim at eye wrinkles and facial frown lines. The cream instantly lessens the depth of your wrinkles—smoothing skin, lightening under-eye discoloration, and minimizing eye puffiness while leaving your skin hydrated and well-soothed. 

Double Nourishing Sealer

Our powerful multi-purpose moisturizer repairs and nourishes skin to combat visible signs of premature aging. Derma-Lucia’s advanced anti-aging ingredients help lessen the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. The sealer leaves your skin softer, more hydrated, and helps you reclaim your skin’s firmness and resilience.