Regimen II: Effective Delivery

We worked for years to track down the most powerful ingredients and to perfectly calibrate every product’s formula, but we didn’t stop there. That’s because even the finest-quality products require sophisticated delivery systems to make sure that they can do their jobs optimally.

The proprietary devices included in Regimen II enable the key anti-aging ingredients contained in our core products of Regimen I to permeate the skin for deep absorption, providing more effective results.

Crucial Skin Care Fact:

To fully benefit from these professional-strength exclusive blends, it’s important to understand the relationship between Effective Products, Effective Delivery and Effective Sun Protection. The complete Derma-Lucia Anti-Aging Regimen includes the core Regimen I products, appropriate ancillary products, and Regimens II and III

Derma Roller for Face & Eyes

This micro needle therapy uses a natural method to awaken and promote the regeneration of your skin. It helps to desalinate wrinkles and the color spots while increasing skin elasticity. Also available for eyes: Derma Roller for Eyes.

DermAssist 1

This state-of-the-art, multifunctional device uses infrared, ion and galvanic current technology to safely stimulate the skin and promote collagen regeneration. Four targeted settings help deeply cleanse pores, improve unwanted pigmentation, lift sagging, strengthen skin integrity, minimize wrinkles and tighten pores. Used in conjunction with our treatment products, the gentle current drives nourishing active ingredients deeply into the dermal skin layer. The overall result is soft and plump skin. 

DermAssist 2

Our DermAssist 2 offers the best alternative to face-lifts, botox and other procedures—tightening collagen fibers and boosting collagen production with this painless, self-treatment. The DermAssist 2 uses BIOWAVE technology, focusing dynamic LED lights deep into the dermis. The heat generated from within stimulates dermal activity, helping your skin become tighter, fuller and decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

DermAssist2 helps clear spots, acne and blackheads as well as swelling edema around the eyes. It decreases appearance of wrinkles and scars and combats skin aging by increasing its ability to absorb nutrients.