Science and Methodology

At Derma-Lucia, we’re proud of our extensive scientific heritage and the combined decades’ worth of research and development experience held by Lucia and her team. We’ve found that many of our customers enjoy learning as much as possible about the science behind our products, so in addition to the material found throughout our site, we’ve also included this detailed presentation for those of you who might want more background about all the specific ingredients and formulas in our full anti-aging regimen.

This presentation, An Anti-Aging Symphony for Skin Regeneration, contains further detail about the science behind the telltale signs of aging and why it occurs, and then dives deep into the science behind our full Regimen.

Inside, you can learn more about the patented mechanisms behind all of Derma-Lucia products, from our innovations in neuropeptides and their delivery, to neo-endorphins, caffeic acid, NP-7, hyaluronan function, and our advancements in nano-biotechnology, specifically with platinum nanoparticles. 

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