Why Us: Science

Fight Aging in All Its Forms with Our Powerful Formulas!

There are many reasons why we are better than other brands. But here are FIVE important reasons why you should choose Derma-Lucia over other brands.

  • Uniquely developed for anti-aging, our products contain patented proprietary anti-aging active ingredients currently not available in USA; Some of our ingredients come from South Korea.
  • We utilize advanced nano-biotechnology to infuse phyto (plant) stem cell into our products.
  • Our products contain highly concentrated active ingredients.
  • Our products work together synergistically, maximizing the benefits of each product.
  • We believe in three prong approach to anti-aging: Effective Products, Effective Delivery and Effective Suncare. Combating aging process can be achieved most effectively by combining these three into your regular skin care routine. 

No matter what your specific aging concern is, Derma-Lucia has an advanced, research-based formula to address it. Our complete approach isn’t about any one product or trendy ingredient. It’s about a full regimen consisting of only the best anti-aging active ingredients and delivery systems to address skin health from every angle. We understand a total skin-health regimen is a process that starts with proper skin education and instruction. Coupled with advanced anti-aging formulas, our regimen provides a solid foundation tailored specifically for your skincare concerns. 

The Derma-Lucia Promise

While nothing can prevent the aging process, there are steps we can take to have the most youthful-looking skin possible. Radiant skin is balanced skin that appears clear, smooth and firm. It is optimally hydrated and regenerates collagen and elastin. 

Our skin care promise is to help you keep your skin protected, nourished and hydrated with only the purest and scientifically proven products. Our commitment is to provide a total anti-aging package —The Derma-Lucia Anti-Aging Regimen – so anyone who wants to take charge of skin aging has the power to make it happen. 

About Derma-Lucia

Located in Austin, Texas, Derma-Lucia carefully calibrates and crafts products with a unique blend of both natural and scientifically proven ingredients designed to offset the two biggest causes of skin aging: inflammation and glycation. Our phyto (plant) stem cell and neuro-peptide formulas are the perfect solution for supporting skin regeneration. Phyto stem cells strengthen and protect bodily stem cells, while neuro-peptides restore resilience to skin by boosting collagen and elastin. Platinum nano-particles enhance stability and delivery to skin cells. Further, at Derma-Lucia, we utilize the world’s most advanced beautifying techniques (nano-biotechnology) to deliver extraordinary results to modern women, seeking high-performance skin care products. Our comprehensive, three-pronged anti-aging regimen gives women all the tools they need to look and feel beautiful.